Data Center as a Service

Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) is a hosting service in which physical facilities and infrastructure are provisioned to mission partners utilizing the Department of Defense Core Data Centers (CDC). DCaaS allows access to servers, hardware, bandwidth, storage, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity remotely across a geo-distributed WAN network.

Why DCaaS?

DISA’s J9 Hosting and Compute CDCs offer standardized hosting and compute services across the DOD to include DCaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BMaaS, on-prem cloud computing, and traditional server, storage and communications capacity delivery models.


  • All CDCs adhere to strict DOD and commercial guidelines to achieve data centers that meet true Tier III (99.99% availability) architecture standards with redundant paths for power, cooling,
    and communications.
  • Global communications ecosystem with connectivity and proximity to all major providers and partners.
  • Direct communications connection to the DISN.
  • Accredited to support IT hosting at all Impact Levels (ILs) with inherited facility eMASS controls.
  • Highly efficient green operations achieving federal power and water efficiency mandates.
  • Tightly managed inventory control with warehouse capability.
  • Enhanced Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) in-depth on DOD installations.  
  • DOD best value pricing option through multiple hybrid support options.
  • Full-service expertise migrating large scale IT systems from DOD and commercial data centers
    to CDCs.
  • CDCs support low, medium, and high-density computing with ultra-high density build options available.
  • DOD expertise in data center enterprise operations and management.

Getting started.

Currently all computing services are ordered à la carte to provide a unique, customizable solution. If you are interested in learning more about DCaaS, use the ‘contact us’ form to connect with our team.  

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