HaCC Enterprise Storage Solution

The HaCC offers a wide range of Enterprise Storage Solutions to meet customer requirements. Partners purchasing hosting services are offered a wide array of storage opportunities that provide the level of service required to meet maximum acceptable data loss for each application. Our goal is to provide the highest tier of speed and class for customer data everywhere.


Disk Storage - Where Data Resides.

With over 20 years of of experience providing Enterprise-class storage capabilities, the Enterprise Storage team provides a mix of classic offerings to traditional hosting initiatives and modern capabilities to new cloud offerings such as Stratus. The HaCC team continues to iterate on the services offered and cover the gambit of what’s up and coming and what is maintained. We provide:

  • Resilient data protection in all environments and dedicated networks in a secure environment.
  • Recoverable and a robust backup network in an appliance-based environment.
  • Flexibility for all avenues for maintaining data including on-prem solutions and accessibility for off-prem solutions.

Our customers say it best. The largest storage tech refresh in the world of its kind took place last year with no impact to customer data or operations. The Enterprise Storage team utilized updated hardware to support the annual DFAS EBIZ End of Year (EOY) processing. Using the new HPE XP8 (Hitachi) Continuous Access replication technology, the team was able to complete the replication and cloning processes in 2 hours compared to 8-10 hours in previous years on older storage hardware. This update put DFAS ahead of schedule “…we are progressing nicely. Replication worked well… it was a comfort to have it complete early this morning.

Storage and Backup Solutions

  • Tier I Enterprise Disk is DISA’s standard Block storage offering and includes all applicable hardware, software, storage engineering and administration, and technical refresh.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a File storage appliance connected to the IP network and allows the storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location for authenticated network clients.
  • Shared COOP Storage Services provide recovery to a remote location using shared storage resources. Dedicated COOP Storage Services provide recovery to a remote location using dedicated storage resources. Tier II Bulk Storage is a low-cost Block storage offering intended for archive type data, ISO files, and other lower performance requirements. Storage as a Service (STaaS) is an on-premises, S3 API compatible Object Storage service offering with 4+2 erasure coding and optional replication between two CONUS locations. Object Storage is IP addressable storage that can be accessed from anywhere on the NIPRNet.

Backup Services run on dedicated storage networks dedicated directly to your data.

  • Standard service includes a weekly full system backup, incremental daily backups, and a weekly offsite copy, all stored within a secure DoD facility.
  • Optional long-term retention and additional backup requirements can be added.
  • Dedicated COOP Storage Services provide recovery to a remote location using dedicated storage resources.

Connect with the Server Storage team here.

To purchase Server Storage, complete the Service Request Form (SRF) that will identify the specifics of your requirement. Once complete, create a case on the Customer Service Management Portal, https://services.disa.mil/csm. Note that both pages are NIPR and CAC enabled.