Mainframe Computing

J9 HaC Mainframe Computing solution provides global DOD customers with platforms for hosting critical applications and large-scale data processing. Mainframe capabilities are available on traditional IBM Z operating system (zOS) and Linux on IBM Enterprise System platforms with either Red Hat, SUSE, or open source software and systems solution distributions. 

Why Mainframe?

J9 HaC’s Mainframe Computing environment offers efficient high volume transaction processing, hosting of monolithic data, co-hosted data, and hybrid data. We help customers use Mainframe according to their unique requirements, pulling sidecar applications and placing them on the platform where they best fit—whether in a container or the cloud.

Mainframe technology enables organizations to integrate existing applications and data quickly and easily into the hybrid cloud environment. Ability to continuously modernize core business applications on a mainframe through agile, and enterprise DevOps approach develop functions or enhance them as cloud-native applications.

J9 HaC’s mainframe computing is revolutionizing the way mainframe services are offered into the first mainframe hybrid cloud. The offering marries modern mainframe capabilities with over 50 years of historical mainframe knowledge.


  • Reliability. Known for high availability and reliability, which makes Mainframe well-suited for running mission-critical applications. 
  • Security. Built-in security features that help protect against data breaches/unauthorized access. 
  • Scalability. Able to handle large amounts of data and users, making Mainframe well-suited for large enterprises and organizations. 
  • Integration. Integrates with other systems, such as cloud-based platforms, to create a hybrid environment with tools such as Ansible and DevOps platforms. 
  • Performance. Designed for high-performance computing, which makes Mainframe well-suited for running large-scale, data-intensive workloads. 
  • Data Management. Handles large amounts of data with high-speed, high-performance and built-in encryption, making Mainframes ideal for data warehousing and business intelligence.
  • DISA provides the hardware, operating systems, and labor. 
  • DISA’s optional Application Administration provides the labor required to maintain and operate applications based on unique requirements.

Getting started.

To order Mainframe, complete the Service Request Form (SRF) that will identify the specifics of your requirement. Once complete, create a case on the Customer Service Management Portal.
Note that both pages are NIPR and CAC-enabled. 

If you are interested in learning more about Mainframe, use the ‘contact us’ form to connect with
our team.  

What's Next?

Quantum safe encryption and on-chip artificial intelligence system acceleration are coming soon.

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