The HaCC’s Hosting and Accreditation Services Finds User Success

May 19, 2023
In the past three years, Global Directory has provided authentication services throughout the Department with wide success. In line with this achievement, the Hosting and Compute Center has continued to dive deep and build out Azure Hosting Infrastructure (AHI), a subsect of Global Directory, and its offerings to the Department. 

The HaCC understood the need for a common service for hosting and accreditation and focused in on the creation of an Advanced Automated HaCC Infrastructure. Most recently, several key features and functions inside AHI have been gaining traction with users, including

Under the support of SSG Shawn Thompson,, DISA’s URL shortening platform, has vastly expanded. In the past few months has produced more than 45 shortened URLs and has over 31K hits at little cost to the Agency.

In a similar fashion,, DISAs offering of Enterprise Cloud Services (Domain Name Service, ECS Code Repos, Password Vault, ECS Container Registry, ECS Wiki,) gained 1.2M hits in the past few months. 

Ultimately, the HaCC continues to build on its accreditation and common service with a goal of going live to the department very soon. The team continues to challenge themselves to keep doing more with the tools at their disposal.