The HaCC’s Director Shares a Vision for Transformation

Aug. 8, 2022

The HaCC’s Director, Sharon Woods, recently appeared on The Business of Government Hour Podcast and discussed her vision for transforming hosting and compute for the Department of Defense.  You can listen to the full podcast episode from your preferred podcast platform.  Here are a few highlights from the podcast.

“As the HaCC’s Director, I am very much focused on transformation. Transformation of our people, processes, and tools so that we get at our north star, at that vision for becoming the provider of choice for hosting and compute.”  

“From a people standpoint, I’m looking to empower the workforce, I want them to be the ones engaged, driving the mission forward, feeling connected to the mission.  Part of that is continuous learning, so one of our strategic goals is getting after the Technician of the Future… Understanding what do our people need, so they can be the best version of themselves in a professional environment?”

“From a processes standpoint, the HaCC is driving towards being the Department’s premier Agile organization.  It’s not just about Agile development of the technology, it’s really a mentality of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces, getting after micro-successes, so that as conditions change you can pivot very quickly.”

“From a tools standpoint…we want to be the best value hybrid cloud provider.  It isn’t just data center versus cloud, there is a spectrum of hosting and compute platforms.  We are driving towards unifying those hosting and compute platforms, being an honest broker, providing optionality for our customers, and driving towards that north star.”