Sharon Woods announced as Director of the Hosting and Compute Center

June 14, 2022

The Hosting and Compute Center (HaCC) is pleased to announce the official appointment of Ms. Sharon Woods, Senior Executive Service (SES), as the HaCC’s Director. Ms. Woods was appointed as the Acting Director from the HaCC’s inception on October 1, 2021. 

During her time as Acting Director, Ms. Woods defined the HaCC’s vision “to be the warfighter’s provider of choice for hosting and compute,” and set strategic goals in the HaCC’s Action Plan, aligning to the DISA Director’s Strategic Plan. She prioritized developing and empowering the workforce and driving the HaCC’s processes towards Agile methodology.  

When asked about her leadership style, Ms. Woods said, “I’m passionate about the way I approach leadership, I would say I’m a transformational leader. I trust the workforce to execute the mission…that enables me to set a vision and to try and inspire our workforce to march towards that vision.”

Over the coming months, Ms. Woods is looking forward to continuing to build out the HaCC’s hybrid cloud portfolio as well as developing technicians of the future.

Prior to leading the HaCC, Ms. Woods served as the Executive Director of the Cloud Computing Program Office (CCPO). The CCPO merged with DISA’s data centers and enterprise cloud initiatives, to form the HaCC on October 1, 2021.