The HaCC releases its action plan for FY2022-2024

April 22, 2022
The HaCC’s vision is to provide the warfighter with best-value hosting and compute solutions to achieve mission success. In order to realize this vision, we identified our strategic goals in our newly released action plan, which is accessible here.
The HaCC’s action plan lets stakeholders see what we are trying to do and where we need help.  The action plan is aligned to DISA’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 – 2024 which articulates the agency’s approach to connect and protect the warfighter in cyberspace. DISA’s plan establishes five levels of effort (LOEs), and the HaCC’s action plan maps our strategic objectives to DISA’s LOEs.
Partnering with industry and leveraging commercial best practices are crucial to achieving the HaCC’s vision.  We encourage our partners to check out the HaCC action plan.