Mr. Jeff Marshall

Vice Director

Hosting and Compute, Defense Information Systems Agency

Mr. Marshall started his career as a soldier and non-commissioned officer in the United States Army, serving for 12 years, including in Desert Storm. Mr. Marshall started his IT professional career with FICO, the credit score company. He next took an IT management role at Regulus, a billing processing provider that at one time touched every penny of every dollar transaction in the United States. At Regulus, Mr. Marshall self-learned computer virtualization and catapulted the company into the era of VMware virtualization and millions of dollars in infrastructure cost savings.
In his most recent role, as the Global Cloud Platform Director at Virtustream-Dell Technologies he directed global teams, complex public cloud architectures, deployments, delivery services, and operations for international customers including Fortune 50 members, national healthcare providers, a country’s train system, and government agencies. He played a pivotal role in transforming the department’s start-up like culture to a mature, high performing IT services management operation that excelled at stability, security, efficiency, and most importantly customer satisfaction. After work, Mr. Marshall can be found running, playing tennis, or extreme mountain biking with his wife Erica.

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