Ms. Clair Koroma

Executive Officer

Hosting and Compute Center, Defense Information Systems Agency

Clair Koroma started her career as a front-end engineer and visual designer. She has deep experience in procurement reform, budget management, digital innovation, and organizational change within the technology space. She is in her element when using her super-power of persuasion to develop relationships that help teams to get things done! With an innate ability to connect the right people to the right resources to make great churn happen, Koroma is undaunted by any challenge. At her core, she is a tech nerd who has done and managed the work. Those experiences, added to her superpowers of, EQ, tech IQ, policy/procurement/budget knowledge, and management magic, make her a genius at helping many different types of teams to be successful.

At the Hosting and Compute Center, she serves as Executive Officer, where she leverages her skills to promote positive team culture, build and maintain key relationships across the department, and remove blockers for her team to keep advancing its vision to transform the way the DOD acquires and uses cloud in support of the warfighter. Clair was also selected as a Federal 100 award winner (August 2021).

In all things, Clair lives according to her personal mantra “Be Brave.”