Mainframe Computing

The HaCC Mainframe Computing software suite provides global DoD customers with platforms for hosting critical applications and large-scale data processing. The team is focused on providing built in security protection and ensuring zero hardware failures to keep critical systems running. If you need fast transactions, a place to hold big data, co-hosted, hybrid data and more, Mainframes are for you.


Reliability. Performance. Security.

These three simple words best describe HaCC Mainframe Computing. Recently, the Mainframe team completed a software upgrade which provided continuous and uninterrupted services to the US Navy Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center.
“I want to personally thank Mainframe technicians for their expertise and dedication, without which we would not be able to make our deliverables.” — US NVSUP.

Similarly, the Mainframe team continues to support DISA Services Development (SD) with their COPS and FABS applications. Their monthly calls assist with end of the month processing.
“We appreciated continued engagement and support from HC31. Thank you for helping us with a successful End of Month.” — DSIA SD.

Major Partner Highlights

  • In partnership with Defense Civilian Pay System, Mainframe helps provide payroll to 1.2 million DoD employees. Additionally, their support of the Defense Retiree and Annuitant Pay System provides pay for 2.5 M individuals. Together with the Defense Joint Military System, Mainframe provides $220 Billion in funds to civilian and military.
  • The Mechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS) pays over ~$2.5 Trillion in contracts a year utilizing Mainframe
  • Master Pin Database (MPDB) uses Mainframe to provide myPay access to 6.7 M DoD users.
  • 20 Million DLA DSS Transactions Weekly

The HaCC offers Mainframe capabilities on both traditional IBM Z operating system (zOS) and Linux on IBM Enterprise System platforms with either Red Hat or SUSE distributions. HaCC’s Mainframe Computing suite provides a historical knowledge of more than 50 years of program operation combined with modern capabilities. Continuous software refreshes ensure program reliability.

We Can...

  • Deliver the “Easy button” – Provide the works including DISA-provided hardware, operating systems, and labor.
  • Bring the capabilities to you – Mission partners can develop at their speed utilizing the selected Operating System.
  • Support your Application – Application Administration support provides the labor required to maintain and operate the application based on your unique requirements.

The Hybrid Approach.

The HaCC helps customers utilize Mainframe for what makes sense while pulling sidecar applications and placing them on the platform where they best fit. Whether that be in a container or the cloud.
Focused on contemporary implementation including:

  • Revolutionizing the interface interaction with modern integrated development environments.
  • Application Programing Interface calls for program interaction and integration between different toolsets.

Connect with the Mainframe Computing team here.
To purchase Server Storage, complete the Service Request Form (SRF) that will identify the specifics of your requirement. Once complete, create a case on the Customer Service Management Portal, Note that both pages are NIPR and CAC enabled.

What’s next?

Quantum Safe Encryption and On-chip AI acceleration

– coming soon!