What is Vulcan?

Vulcan is a suite of tools that helps DOD customers adopt DevSecOps and Agile practices by enabling modern project management, software development, and IT infrastructure. Vulcan is an iteratively developed service, meaning new features and functionality are added routinely based on mission and customer demand. Vulcan includes the following tools as Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • web.git.mil code repository for code sharing and collaboration across projects.
  • Jira for Agile project planning.
  • Confluence for virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Gitlab Ultimate to access advanced continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines to build, test,
    and deploy.

Why Vulcan?

Vulcan strives to meet customers where they are—instead of catering to idealized environments and solutions. Whether customers are on-prem at the beginning of their automation journey, or fully deploying cloud native applications, Vulcan provides the tools to facilitate internal collaboration, ensure visibility of tasks, and automate critical processes.

Vulcan transitions the responsibility for deploying, accrediting, and maintaining continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools from development teams to the HaCC, easing the burden on customers so they can focus on the mission.


  • Authorized at Impact Level 5 (IL5) by DISA’s Risk Management Executive (RME).
  • Common Access Card-enabled via integration with DISA’s Global Directory.
  • Self-service capability for teams to independently configure and customize their
    own pipelines.
  • Continuously monitored and maintained.

How to order Vulcan.

The HaCC is collaborating with mission partners to pilot Vulcan.  If you are interested in adding
your organization to the pilot waitlist, please use the contact us feature to be added to the waitlist.

 Download the Slick Sheet