What is OSM as a Service?

Operation Support Manager as a Service is an offering that allocates Compute Operations Command and Control (C2) the responsibility for ensuring the Services and Applications within our scope of responsibility are operationally healthy. In order to accomplish this, Mission Partners would have the option to choose from offered services, to include but not limited to Incident Management, Change/Problem Management, Authorized Service Interruption notifications, and reports on why events occurred.

Why OSM as a Service?

Without an OSM, potential risk areas include uncoordinated incident management, Authorized Service Interruption (ASI) mitigation and after-action reporting activities; a lack of escalation and notification procedures and process for program continuity; uncoordinated Rehearsal of Concepts (ROC) drills resulting in increased failures in current TTPs, change management, configuration management, and ASI notification activities.

What’s in OSM as a Service?

Incident Management (outages/degrades/HAZCONs)

  • Normal business hours 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Additional coverage during non-core hours
  • Reporting to DISA Joint Operations Center or Mission Partner defined customer base

Event Management

  • Acknowledge and respond to alert-generated issues (outages/degrades) – C2 will escalate to the responsible action officer for restoral/resolution
  • C2 can monitor system health using enterprise system monitoring tools or Mission Partner specific monitoring tools

Problem management

  • Identify recurring issues and work with appropriate teams until a resolution is determined

Authorized Service Interruption (ASI) Notification
      Broadcast messages to the Community of Interest identifying an intended and scheduled potential service interruption

Service Catalog

Passive OSM as a Service

  • Receives alerts of outages and notifies appropriate distros throughout resolution/restoral of service

Active OSM as a Service

  • The Project Management Office (PMO) defines how involved C2 should be
  • Customize options can include Incident Management, Event Monitoring, Problem Management, Authorized Service Interruption Notifications, and/or Change/Configuration Management