What is Cloud+?

Cloud+ is an optional service that leverages DISA's core competencies in data center administration, including system administration, security administration, operational support (help desk), and system management tool administration. Cloud+ includes the same operating environment management services provided with traditional DISA hosting but customized for the Cloud+ service.

Why Cloud+?

Cloud+ provides a standard set of support services. This option allows mission partners to have DISA manage and sustain their operating environments. It includes the labor, and software required to manage the virtual datacenter, up through the operating system layer. It also includes the cost for the Level 2 service desk and the administrative infrastructure needed to support the IT services.

What’s in Cloud+?

Cloud+ includes a standard set of support services.
The services include the following:
·       System administration labor to monitor and manage the mission partner's compute, network, storage resources, and the operating system
·       Security administration labor, including the labor and tools to ensure the operating system of a server is compliant with DoD security guidelines, continuous monitoring and scanning, assistance with remediation of security vulnerability findings, and patch management
·       Level 2 service desk support to provide a central service desk for the mission partner administrator to report incidents and request service changes
·       Database security labor and tools to ensure a database service is compliant with DoD security guidelines
·       Backup and restoral of systems will be performed based on mission partner requirements
·       User account management to include the labor and tools for managing mission partner administrator operating system accounts on the servers; all accounts require an approved System Authorization Access Request (SAAR), DD Form 2875
·       Cloud+ is available on the Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet). The details of the support services provided with Cloud+ are listed under Roles and Responsibilities.

Additional Cloud+ options

Database as a Service (DBaaS) and application support services are also available for mission partners that want DISA to manage their database and or applications. This includes security administration of the database and or applications to be compliant with DoD security guidelines.

For More Information

Go to Storefront - Cloud+ (disa.mil)