What is ATAT?

The Account Tracking and Automation Tool (ATAT) (pronounced “at at”) is a cloud provisioning tool, that enables the initial provisioning of accounts for mission owners across multiple cloud vendors at all classification levels.  ATAT also provides a reporting feature that will help customers better understand how they are using cloud. 



ATAT will enable mission partners to provision cloud accounts and track cloud usage metrics across their cloud portfolio at all classification levels.  This tool will significantly improve the order-to-delivery process within the DoD and reduce the timeline.

ATAT is designed to be an easy button, helping our customers to rapidly provision accounts for their cloud contracts and then manage their spending throughout the duration of the contract(s). 


  • Easy, intuitive user interface
  • Automated account and environment creation
  • Dashboard with near real-time cloud usage and other metrics
  • Significant resource savings – ATAT takes weeks off a typical cloud onboarding process

How to order ATAT.

ATAT is currently under development and is NOT yet operational.  The HaCC is collaborating with mission partners to pilot ATAT.  If you are interested in adding your organization to the pilot waitlist, please use the contact us feature to be added to the waitlist.

 Download the Slick Sheet