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Ms. Laura Blake

Senior Training Champion

Hosting and Compute Center, Defense Information Systems Agency

Laura Blake serves as Senior Training Champion in the within Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)’s Hosting & Compute Center (HaCC). In this role she helps train the HaCCs Technicians of the Future in upscaling the workforce in a full spectrum of skills to deliver enterprise hybrid to the department. Blake’s professional experience spans over 29 years with a mixture as a U.S. Army active-duty, Contractor, and Civilian Employee.

Prior to this role , Blake served as the Brach Chief of the Enterprise Services Support within the HaCC where she the lead over 70 professionals worldwide with expertise and daily focus on providing strategic direction and continual mission oversight of real time operations management. 

Through the years, Blake developed a passion for helping others achieve their “why in leadership.” Not only has Laura trained in several areas of leadership, but she is also one. She is always curious in the different approaches to helping others find their way into leadership or improving their current environment. Laura truly believes that real leadership starts with “you.”

Understanding the impact and influence that leaders have on others, drives her to help clients strive for the same understanding and passion.

Blake also has a passion to support Veterans, but particularly Women Veterans. She knows what it took to transition from the Army into the civilian workforce, alongside her husband and small children. It can be a daunting transition, but a blissful and successful one.

Blake has a Master’s in Education, Instructional Technology and Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Computer Systems. She has completed several DISA Competitive Leadership Programs and George Washington’s Women's Executive Leadership Program. She is currently in training for her qualification as an Erickson International Coach.